Are you looking for information to help someone else?

If someone is in danger right now, call the police on 000. 

Don’t get involved in a situation involving physical violence. 

If it is not an emergency, but you are worried about any of the following, contact The Orange Door.
  • someone you know is being hurt, controlled or is afraid because of the behaviour or actions of their partner, family member, carer or parent(s)
  • a child or young person you know isn’t getting the care they need and deserve from their parent(s), carer or family
  • someone you know is hurting or controlling someone close to them, or their family 

You might be a friend, neighbour, colleague or a professional who has come across the person who needs support through your job as a GP, maternal and child health nurse, teacher, childcare worker or other job. 

If you’re worried about someone, you might want to help them yourself, but it’s important to remember that getting involved in a situation could put you or the person you are worried about in danger. 

The best thing you can do is read the What are the signs of family violence? and Are you worried about the safety and wellbeing of a child or young person? Below. If you’re still worried, share the information with the person or contact The Orange Door.

Workers at The Orange Door are experienced in dealing with a range of situations. 

They will listen to you to understand your concerns, give you options about how you can help them, and help you connect the person or family you are worried about to services they need. You don’t have to give your name. 

The Orange Door is open from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday (closed public holidays). Out-of-hours support is available. 
Family violence is where a person shows a pattern of threatening, coercive, controlling or violent behaviour towards another person. 

Family violence can happen in any family and covers a wide range of behaviours and actions, it can be: 
  • physical 
  • sexual
  • emotional
  • psychological
  • cultural
  • spiritual
  • financial

For examples of these, visit our What is family violence? page
It can be hard to tell if someone is experiencing family violence. 

Often there are no obvious signs and the person may not even recognise that what they are experiencing is family violence. 

Workers at The Orange Door will listen to your concerns and work out how to improve the situation without putting you or the person you are worried about at risk.
Are you concerned about a child or young person’s wellbeing, behaviour, growth, learning or development? 

You might notice that a child or young person:
  • has a lot of time away from school
  • isn’t eating regular meals
  • doesn’t go to the doctor or get other medical help
  • isn’t involved in activities away from home
  • is showing behaviour that worries you 
  • isn’t developing as you would expect for their age

If you’re worried about a child or young person, contact The Orange Door and talk to someone about your concerns. The Orange Door is there to help families and children before problems get worse. 

Every child or young person has a right to: 
  • be safe and feel safe
  • live in a safe and secure home, free from violence and abuse
  • stay healthy and well
  • go to a doctor, dentist or other professional for help when they need to
  • have an education
  • be allowed to be a child and be treated with respect
  • have a say and be heard
  • tell someone if they are unhappy
  • feel proud and strong in their own culture
  • be in contact with family, friends and people and places that matter to them
  • have fun and do activities they enjoy
  • develop life skills and grow up to be the best person they can

A child or young person might tell you that they feel unsafe or that something bad is happening at home. It’s important that you listen to them, believe them and contact The Orange Door to find out what options you have to help. 

Workers at The Orange Door are experienced in working with children and young people, and can support families to make sure they – as well as parents or carers – get the help they need. 
Sometimes families need extra help because parents or carers: 
  • lose their job
  • are experiencing relationship trouble or other stressful life events
  • are physically, mentally or emotionally unwell
  • are struggling with addictions, e.g. to alcohol, other drugs or gambling 
  • are caring for children on their own
  • are experiencing family violence 
  • don’t have enough money
  • are finding being a parent particularly hard when the child is at a certain age or stage

Practical support and advice can help families get through stressful times, develop positive family relationships and strengthen parenting skills. 

The Orange Door is open to all kinds of families, including:
  • step families
  • kinship families
  • rainbow families 
  • foster families
  • nuclear families
  • extended families
  • clans 
  • people who are not blood relatives but live together
If you live in an area that already has The Orange Door, you can: 
  • call and speak to someone over the phone
  • call to arrange an appointment 
  • walk in to The Orange Door in your area

To get the help and support you need in all other areas in Victoria, you can contact existing services. They offer similar services as The Orange Door – they just haven’t been brought together in one place yet. 

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